If you're going to bowl on the subway, then it's kind of an all or nothing thing. The "all" in the situation would mean you would need a ball and pins, not just one, BOTH. Otherwise, you are just annoying people by rolling a ball down the subway aisle and giving them no pay off, no satisfaction of seeing and hearing the pins being knocked down. In the below video some young people are shown hooting and hollering as they roll a bouncy ball down the middle of the subway, presumably aiming at each other's legs, aka "the pins." It's unclear what train it is (which one goes to Murray Hill?), but it's not the L train (note the orange seats). Since it seems like everyone is having a good time, and since maybe they were just mourning the beloved Brooklyn alley Maple Lanes, we'll let it slide this once. But let's not make this a trend, New York.