Former FDNY firefighter Steve Buscemi has always kept close to his NYC roots, and when Hurricane Sandy hit it didn't take him long to start helping out. He's been spotted in Rockaway several times, helping friends and fellow firefighters there. Of course, he hasn't the only celebrity to show up, but he is one of the only ones showing up consistently and doing hard work... others like Madonna and Justin Timberlake may have made their visits more for the photo op.

Now the actor has recorded this PSA for Friends of Firefighters, an organization that was founded after 9/11, and is currently raising funds for Hurricane Sandy relief. He says many firefighters "we're working the night of the storm... even while their own homes were being ravaged by the storm, and in some cases being completely burned to the ground. Many of them live in our hardest hit neighborhoods: Staten Island, Long Island, the Rockaways, Breezy Point, and Bell Harbor."