It's been nearly six months since Stephen Colbert has graced our TV screens with his Colbertnicity, but the wait is almost over: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premieres on September 8th, and we have our first extended promo for the show below. Watch as Colbert shaves off his beard and declares: "Good news! I still exist."

Colbert explains that since he ended The Colbert Report, he's been spending time with family and the clerk at Rite Aid; he adopted a beard he found by the highway; he accidentally burned the Internet to the ground when he unveiled the Colbeard; he made the cover of Homeless Sea Captain Monthly; and he came up with a new comic book character, Unhitler ("there is nothing that people want more than Not Hitler").

The whole thing culminates in a Colbeard flashback montage set to the music of Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" (only with Colbert singing lyrics from "Camptown Races," of course). The whole thing is silly and weird and perfectly Colbert, and we can't wait to see how Late Show goes.

If you're still jonesin' for more Colbert, check out the first Late Show behind-the-scenes podcast here. And if you've already forgotten when the new show premieres, just look below.