Trumpcare went down in flames last week and was placed in the cabinet of broken Republican dreams alongside "trickle down economics and a Jesus-shaped fighter jet that drops gay people on ISIS," Stephen Colbert said last night on Late Show. "Not enough votes to get a majority? Well, that didn’t stop you from becoming president."

Colbert proceeded to dance on the grave of the failed bill: “And after all his campaign promises, nothing,” Colbert said. "It’s almost like you can’t trust a fast-talkin' city slicker who rolls into town promising a magic solution for all our medical needs. I’m starting to doubt the effectiveness of Dr. Bannon’s Anti-Muslim Toad Oil."

Colbert also tackled "leader of the preppy camp across the lake" Jared Kushner and his new role as head of the White House Office of American Innovation (which is better than its original title, "The Bureau of Obvious Nepotism"). Colbert does believe that government desperately needs overhaul, because "somebody keeps putting totally unqualified people in charge of really important stuff."

"Kushner’s job will be to lead a team to 'fix government with business ideas,'" Colbert said. "And you know he’s got great business ideas, like being born into a wealthy real estate family, or marrying into a wealthy real estate family. Why hasn’t the government tried that?"

Seth Meyers devoted his "A Closer Look" segment to Trump's health care defeat as well, and was extra harsh toward the Republican Party, who have "campaigned on this for seven years, ran on it in four consecutive national elections and voted on it more than 60 times in Congress and now, it turns out that was all just one big con."

And Trevor Noah over at The Daily Show came up with the best analogy for the healthcare failure: “You know, this whole situation is what’s known in the R&B community as the 'player-hater phenomenon,'" Noah said. "You know those songs where a guy’s hating throughout the song? He’s like, 'Girl, you deserve so much better/ He doesn’t treat you right/ Just give me a chance...' That was the Republicans. And this time, America was the girl who was like, 'Okay you know what? I'm gonna give you a shot.'"

"Suddenly the Republicans were like, 'Girl, wait, what? Well, actually, right now, I’m living with my mom, and I’m between jobs, and I have a cold sore right now, so maybe just give me a few weeks to get my life together? But after that, I’m gonna love you girl! I’m gonna love you, girl!'"