Donald Trump has repeatedly accused President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower (or maybe he was just joking, who the hell knows at this point). Kellyanne Conway has explained how Obama may have used microwaves to do so, since they are the latest in spy technology (or maybe she was just blathering incoherently, nothing she says has any bearing on reality, and that is just "a fact of modern life"). Either way, Stephen Colbert launched a full investigation into these baseless conspiracy theories—by literally launching himself into a microwave, sending him an SOS while retrieving his Hot Pocket: "I miss you."

Colbert also landed an exclusive, emotional interview with the Russian hacker who leaked DNC emails and corresponded with Trump associate and "maitre d' at a gangster-themed restaurant" Roger Stone. "I may be the most dangerous hacker in the world, but the Stone man breached the firewall of my heart," said Guccifer 2.0.

Over at Late Night, Seth Meyers also looked at the wiretapping bullshit and dissected the GOP's loathed healthcare bill. He also tried to clear up some confusion for Trump about why Obama was suddenly so popular again: "It's you, dude! It's you," Meyers said. "Trump's like the guy who clears out the subway car because he shit his pants and then says, 'Oh, I guess that was everyone's stop.'"