On Monday, despite all the late night comedy shows being temporarily shut down because of COVID-19, Stephen Colbert staged a special "social distancing" edition of The Late Show from his bathtub. It was weird and silly, and it showed just how odd the late night format is without an audience, but it was also a testament to Colbert's brilliant improv abilities that it was as funny as it was. He returned with another quarantine edition of his show last night, this time recorded at the fire pit in his backyard in New Jersey. And there were some killer jokes: “When Trump said we were going to be sick of winning, I didn’t think he meant it literally.”

Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel both also recorded their own homemade material as well, and while neither was anywhere near as good as Colbert's, we certainly appreciate the effort they're putting in to create something to distract us all from obsessively refreshing our news feeds.

Fallon delivered a monologue, filmed by his wife, which was interrupted by his daughters and dog, making it the most endearing Fallon has maybe ever been. Kimmel set up in his home office and talked about Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic in his "minilogue:" “He gave himself a 10, which incidentally is the same amount of testing kits that are currently available in the United States. You can watch both below.