The late night comedians all had a field day celebrating "Comey Day" last night after the former FBI director testified about his meetings with Donald Trump. No one had more fun than Stephen Colbert, whether he was coming up with names for a Trump family law firm ("Lies, Plain & Simple") or coming up with Comey's future children's book (James and the Guilty Orange).

"Comey flat out said the president lied," Colbert said before showing the clip explaining why he took such detailed notes with his meetings with Trump. "So the only things that raised red flags about his meetings with Trump were: Where, why, what and who." Comey said he was concerned that Trump might lie: "He thought Trump might lie? That’s that razor-sharp F.B.I. instinct in action right there. 'Look, fellas, I don’t want to get out over my skis here, but I think this dead body might not be alive.'"

Colbert opened the show by inserting himself into the hearing.

But he didn't let Comey and Trump's various scandals dominate the whole evening—he took a break to talk about Eric Trump's scandals. Eric, aka "Odo from Deep Space Nine," was accused this week of possibly funneling money from The Eric Trump Foundation's children's cancer benefit back into the family business. During the report, Colbert compared him to "Voldemort with hair," "the skeleton child from The Nightmare Before Christmas," and "Beavis plus Butthead."

Seth Meyers also took a closer look at the Comey hearings: "That’s the FBI director, a guy who has dealt with liars and criminals his whole life, walking out of his first meeting with the president and thinking, 'I’ve got to write this sh*t down.'"

Meyers also noted that at this point, "Our capacity to be shocked has already been so worn down by the Trump presidency, he’s like your druggie cousin who can no longer surprise you. 'Kevin traded Aunt Janet’s cat for Robitussin.' Uh-huh. Did he."

And Trevor Noah found an unlikely sympathetic figure in all this: "This is the first time I’ve ever felt bad for Ted Cruz, because you know he was watching this thinking, 'Wait, you guys just now figured out Trump was a liar? He said my dad killed JFK!'" Noah said. "At least, that’s what I imagine happened, because no one was actually willing to watch the Comey hearing with Ted Cruz."