Stephen Colbert returned from Thanksgiving vacation just in time to mercilessly mock Mitt Romney for his dinner date with the devil this week. After playing a clip of Romney insulting Donald Trump during the campaign ("He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a lousy hat"), Colbert continued, "Yes, all we get is a lousy hat, and the garlic soup and frogs legs. I bet those frogs legs taste a little bit like Trump's balls." Come for the eating crow jokes, stay for the sad trombone sound effect.

While we normally associate him with musicals we haven't seen and promoting dangerous driving habits, James Corden also couldn't help but get in on the Mitt action, summarily identifying Mitt's face in the much-circulated photo of him and Trump at dinner: "That’s the exact same face he makes when his wife catches him watching a PG-13 movie on Netflix."