Stephen Colbert has come out of beard-induced hiding in recent weeks to start building up steam for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert by doing things like shaving his beard, announcing an announcement, and impersonating Justice Scalia. Now he's come up with something that can only be described as quintessential Colbert: he (quietly) hosted a full broadcast of a local Monroe, Michigan public access show.

It's a little like "Between Two Ferns," only substituting Zach Galifiniakis' impotent rage with Colbert's sweet cluelessness (and also stretched out to 40 full minutes of deadpan comedy). Watch below as Colbert paints his nails and chit-chats with Eminem (skip to 22:08 for that). If stunts like this are any indication of what his late show will be like, we're officially pumped.

[h/t Gawker]