With so many questions swirling around Donald Trump and his various cabinet members' alleged ties to Russia, it would take a real gumshoe to try to make sense of it all. Thankfully, in lieu of that, we have Stephen Colbert and his trusty "Figure-It-Out-A-Tron" here to figure out why Trump went from instant statesman faux-orator back to Captain Twitter Bananas.

Using just a chalkboard, Colbert cracks the case by drawing up all the names of the various officials linked to Russia, and starts putting P's (for Putin, that's all they stand for, stop asking questions) next to their names until Trump "is drowning in P, which again, stands for Putin...Just drink it in." As he concludes the segment, "This could really leave a stain on his legacy."

In the opening monologue, Colbert chronicled Trump's weekend tweet-a-thon and his predilection for mixed analogies: "Wait, you just said it was McCarthyism. Now it's Nixon/Watergate? Pick your historical analogy! 'This is the Pearl Harbor of Hindenburg Great Depression D-Days finale of Lost.'" He also tried to distract Trump with the shiny travel ban and shared the latest episode of 'Real News Tonight.'

Cartoon Trump was also visited by the cartoon ghosts of presidents past.

And Colbert talked to Anderson Cooper about his media diet (he now mutes Trump on Twitter) and his relationship, or lack thereof, with Kellyanne Conway.