Just because all the late night comedy shows are temporarily shut down because of COVID-19 doesn't mean some hosts aren't trying to amuse everyone stuck in their homes. Stephen Colbert staged a special "social distancing" edition of The Late Show from his bathtub last night. It was a reminder of just how essential an audience is to a late night host, and also how brilliant Colbert is as a monologist. And also, wonderfully weird, as when he grabbed a can of Goya beans he's been hoarding: “There’s literally hundreds of beans in this can,” he said. “One of them has to be magical. That’s just math.”

He also had some choice words for Mayor Bill de Blasio's insistence on going to his beloved Park Slope gym just before all gyms were closed. "It's one thing to give bad advice, but some leaders went so far as to boldly set bad examples," Colbert said. “Come on, Mr. Mayor. Don’t you know that during an epidemic, it’s fun to stay at your h-o-m-e,” he sang to the tune of "YMCA." “Cause if you don’t, we’ll be d-e-a-d.”

He also aired a segment recorded last week in which The Late Show's beloved correspondent Bootsie Plunkett visited physician and Yale Public Health lecturer Dr. James Hamblin to learn more about the threat posed by the coronavirus.

Conan O'Brien also released a short video about how to properly sanitize your jigsaw puzzle: "Boil each piece, really stir it around, and I suggest you sing the Happy Birthday song for every puzzle piece. That's the Happy Birthday song one thousand times."

Jimmy Fallon also posted a video on Twitter with his own hand washing song featuring his very cute daughters Winnie & Frances.