As we know from cruise ship promotional reels, a well-produced video can make you believe anything is amazing and enviable. On that note, we present you with this 4-minute short film documenting Staten Island through a series of sweeping shots, most of them aerial and soundtracked by generic but dramatic instrumental music.

Filmmaker Matthew Chirico even presents the video on YouTube with an equally dramatic tagline, to be read in the voice of Don LaFontaine: "What is Staten Island? This, is Staten Island." Grab some popcorn, it's the Staten Island Summer Blockbuster you didn't know was coming:

Chirico writes, "Staten Island is the Borough of Parks. More than one-third of its landmass is protected parkland, so there are plenty of hiking trails, scenic bike paths, wild deer, hundreds of species of birds, miles of beach, and just good ole’ peace and quiet to be found, along with beautiful architecture, lakes and hidden gems." And if the above video is a truthful depiction, the entire island is also abandoned, which is pretty cool. [h/t Reddit]