Recently the Staten Island Ferry became the epicenter of indie cool, albeit briefly, when improvisational dancer Anne Marsen (and a supporting cast of contemporary dancers) joined forces with the new Girl Talk album. Part of the video can be seen below... but the ferry's 15 minutes aren't up just yet! The team behind the video promises it's nowhere near completion—they call it a music video of "epic proportions," and say they'll be shooting through the spring of 2011. After some polishing, the piece will be screened in public (hopefully on the ferry!) and be made available online.

One of the collaborators, Youngna Park, tells us a little background on the project, saying dancer "Anne Marse inspired the idea for a long-form music video shot in and around New York City. The video, in its entirety, is being produced over the next few months and we expect it will be finished in the late spring." When it's complete, it will be over 70-minutes long! Until then, download the Girl Talk album for free.