Video by Jessica Leibowitz

The Times Square NYE production team tested their big important ball yesterday, making sure it can rise up and down to smoothly facilitate a safe and orderly transition into 2016. Spoiler: IT GOES UP AND DOWN. THE BALL WORKS... Sorry, that spoiler warning should have come sooner.

The 11,875-pound ball is covered with 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles and illuminated by 32,268 Philips LEDs.

"New Years Eve is a time that actually is related to the Winter Solstice," said Tim Tompkins, President of the Times Square Alliance. "The days are getting...longer and lighter, so celebrating light is a key part of the symbolism of the celebration." We got no problem with that.

The New Year's Eve Ball was first lowered from the top of One Times Square in 1907, and it's grown considerably: at one point, it weighed just 150 pounds, was made of aluminum, and sported 180 lightbulbs. The big crystal ball that we know today has been around since 2008 and can display billions of colors and patterns. Check out the video above for a far better view than you'll get from the human zoo of diaper-wearing adults squeezed into Times Square tonight.