In the complex yet resilient subway ecosystem, commuters have the opportunity to observe extraordinary flora and fauna: dog-like iguanas stalking across seats on the C train; exciting rush-hour landslides; majestic waterfalls and rivers, and the intrepid rodents who swim upstream to return to their native trash mountains. Patient straphangers may even be so lucky as to spot an elusive underground tree!

Today, Reddit gifted us with video evidence that a tree grows in subway—or did, before an enterprising lumberjack hacked it down, wrapped it in a garbage bag (what else?), and dragged it dripping tree juice through the train door.

Dude rode the subway with a tree

from r/nyc

Some have expressed concern that the tree, which is medium impressive in terms of its height, took up too much space in a car where space was already at a premium. I am not convinced, though: The car in question does not look particularly crowded, and how in the heck else is a person supposed to take their tree home without paying the price of like five additional trees for cross-borough tree delivery?

Plus, greenery improves air quality, and that is of peak importance in a landscape strewn with human waste. I'm going to start bringing a subway tree with me every day. Who's with me?