As more and more twisted details about the Penn State scandal and former coach Jerry Sandusky's alleged sexual abuse of children comes to light, it seems as though there's no end to this horrible story. Moreover, there doesn't seem to be any appropriate way to be humorous about this scandal—but that didn't stop South Park from hilariously ripping the whole thing last night with a seemingly endless slew of purposefully terrible jokes about the terrible subject (as well as a hefty dose of self-awareness). Watch a supercut (via SB Nation) of all the Penn State-related jokes below:

After all the painful one-liners ("Two Penn State administrators walk into a butt") and comparisons ("You're going to be put into a foster home, so I need to know: would you like to go to Neverland Ranch, a Catholic Church or Penn State University"), the show makes it clear that, as SB Nation points out, "The only thing funny about this entire thing could be people trying to make something funny out of it." That self-awareness is the element which helped the episode elevate itself above trite mockery or shock comedy. And who else but South Park could make a line like, "And it also says here that Penn State prefers to be losing at halftime, because at Penn State they like when you're a little behind in the locker room," completely, inappropriately funny?