Saturday Night Live is wrapping up what's certainly been a memorable thirty-fourth season—one that will conclude next weekend with a couple of 90s fixtures returning: Will Ferrell to host and Green Day serving as musical guest. Last night the show brought back a couple of familiar faces we've gotten used to seeing throughout the past year—Justin Timberlake (making his seventeenth appearance of the season) and Fred Armisen once again taking on the role of Governor Paterson.

After a showstopping debut that broke Amy Poehler during a sentimental farewell and pissed a lot of people off by using the governor's blindness a punchline, Armisen's send-up might have finally begun running out of steam. Last night's appearance saw him as one half of a comedy duo, alongside his predecessor Eliot Spitzer (played extra creepily by Bill Hader). The New Jersey punchlines were back in full effect, along with the idea that Governor Paterson's best chance at getting reelected is that New York voters will enter the booth next November with a "Sanjaya mentality."

Paterson recently admitted that he found SNL's portrayal of him not only offensive, but humiliating—bringing back demons that he thought got rid of as a teenager. No doubt the governor will be looking forward to summer hiatus for the show, while Armisen will be keeping an eye on the polls and deciding whether or not he should start working on his Andrew Cuomo.