Even the Scroogiest of holiday cynics can rejoice this year over the announcement that outlandish British comedy Absolutely Fabulous is coming back for a very special Christmas double-episode. Come, sweetie darling, grab your drink and critique Edina's all-denim ensemble! Because lord knows she wouldn't be caught dead in a Christmas sweater.

ONTD has some details on the plots for the upcoming episodes, which are set to air on BBC later this month, and involve Bubble re-enacting a Royal Wedding and Edina singing. This teaser sadly does not feature blonde hot mess bombshell Patsy, though we do get to learn Eddy's new media strategy: "Blog it, flog it! Twitter it!" And it's great to see creator Jennifer Saunders back in action after fighting a "miserable" battle with breast cancer earlier this year.

[via Vulture]