Even though Smurf Week is officially done terrorizing the city, the anti-Smurf sentiment continues to grow, with none other than Harrison Ford himself pouring out a nice, tall glass of Haterade on last night's Conan.

Although Ford's Cowboys vs. Aliens beat out The Smurfs at the box office, turns out that Han Solo is still feeling a tad bitter that his son went to see Smurfs instead. "That doesn't seem right," says O'Brien. "That movie was up against you. Some of the money that went to The Smurfs came from your son." To which Harrison deadpanned, "We're going to try to get it back," before being presented with a stuffed Papa Smurf upon which to unload.

At least Ford didn't get tainted by blue for his role—today The Atlantic wonders if Neil Patrick Harris's career is "smurfed" because of the critically reviled movie (which yes, we suffered through so you didn't have to).