Last week Gothamist's senior millennial correspondent Rebecca Fishbein announced that she had only ever heard one Guns n' Roses song... as part of some video game. In an effort to further educate Rebecca, and those like her, we are here with some NYC-centric, Guns n' Roses-related content.

Below, you'll find video (courtesy of Bedford + Bowery) showing Slash alongside some very capable musicians (Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators) at Santos Party House last night. While they were all there to promote their new album, they played a whole bunch of G n' R songs—according to B+B, "Paradise City" was dedicated to NYC. As it should be.

Some history for Rebecca and other millennials: Slash was Guns n' Roses' guitarist, and arguably the foundation of the band. While showy frontman Axl Rose had his token dance and trademark voice under the brightest of spotlights, it was Slash's talent and mystery that really stood the test of time. He has literally never changed his style, hair-in-face and all, since he first appeared before the world—that's real commitment. He's also committed to his craft, which is shredding guitars, and his long-standing feud with former bandmate Axl.

Here he is, performing the 1988 hit song "Sweet Child O' Mine," which features one of the "100 Greatest Guitar Solos" of our time, according to Guitar World.