A skateboarder narrowly cheated death—and an automatic Darwin Award—after he jumped in front of an oncoming L train to save his precious board.

The 14 second video was posted by Instagram user "fionzion" earlier this week, and shows him in what appears to be the Morgan Avenue L train station attempting a trick on his board, falling, and then chasing after the board as it plummeted. He jumps down onto the tracks to retrieve it, and jumps back onto the platform a mere second before the train zooms into the station. There's no better way for a below-average skater to brush off existential boredom than with a near-death experience!

As he wrote in the caption to the video, "PSA: I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, I’m a passionate motherfucker tho." Nothing screams 'passion' like a child getting himself killed over a $60 board with wheels attached and traumatizing other people for life, bro!!!

A Redditor who claims to have been in the subway station before the incident writes, "Those kids were fucking around for 15 minutes - screaming and being purposely obnoxious - and then this kid jumps down there, the train grinds to a halt, and he runs out of the station. They all LAUGHED. It was bound to be a mess, so I left the station and called a car. I regret not sticking around to report them."

[via Reddit / Patch]