Skateboarders Sean Collelo and Rob Miceli recently visited a psychiatric center about twenty miles outside of NYC in Orangeburg. The massive Rockland County Psychiatric Center was built in 1927, and it's... not quite abandoned. While these days it's mostly sitting empty and in decay (check out photos from Scouting NY's visit in 2011), there are still patients on the grounds.

Colello writes, “Back in 1931 the center was thriving, but around World War II things started falling apart when unqualified workers took over for nurses who had to serve in the war. It wasn’t until the 1970s when they officially shut down a handful of the buildings on campus and they’ve just been rotting away ever since. The campus is a pretty huge area made up of about 10 abandoned buildings and 4 buildings that are still functioning. Psych patients roam around the complex and so do cops."

The buildings are connected by tunnels, which create "a giant maze," or... skateboarder's paradise: