Recently two skateboarders—Adam Abada and Zach Baker—hit the gravel and rode their boards from Boston to New York, filming their entire trip down. Adam told us this afternoon, "It took us twelve days, but only eight days of skateboarding because we spent three in Providence and one on Block Island. It was moderately grueling but the rewards, both daily and longterm, make it beyond worthwhile." When asked if they would do it again, Adam (a native New Yorker, btw), told us:

"We would do it again for sure. I'd love to experience a place or region I really know nothing about that way. Also, if not an identical trip, we'd love to make another film that has the same sentiment. In terms of specific places somewhere out of the U.S. would be amazing. China, South America. Anywhere. In the U.S., Mexico to Canada would be amazing. Or from two cities in one state, say, Cincinnati to Cleveland. Across the Rockies?!?! Across Texas!?!? It's really about meeting new people and opening your eyes to new things so anywhere works!"

The trip was filmed this past summer, August 1st through August 12th—and you can now watch a short documentary of their journey.