(Photo by Andrew Bisdale)

On July 8th, the friends and family of a couple who can only (and affectionately) be described as bringing "adorkable" back, gathered on the Staten Island Ferry for a totally unauthorized wedding aboard the world's most romantic ship.

Groom Keith Haskel (who married Bethany Hall) tells us, "Man, it could've went so poorly (90 degree day and predicted thunderstorms), but it nearly went off without a hitch! The bride was 15 minutes late, so we missed a ferry or two, but no one ever tried to stop us." The whole affair—which included a trip on the subway to a party in Williamsburg—was filmed, and you can watch it below. It's the most NYC wedding we've ever seen... and as such, mass transit provided the day's only hiccups.

Haskel says, "Things that got in the way were an announcement about docking in Staten Island interrupting my vows and an MTA worker stopping the 1 train until our party-goers got down from standing on the seats." But music helped things, he says—"We staged a violinist to play wedding songs on the ferry, two fun-loving friends to march us to the subway, and to make that stinky underground transfer from the 1-train to the L more bearable, we stationed our guitarist friend Mark Shock to sing songs for the party's arrival."

Haskel also gave us some tips for future couples on a budget: "I gotta say, the Staten Island Ferry is an incredibly undervalued NYC resource. It's free, so we saved thousands on a venue, you're allowed to drink on it, so popping champagne is fair game, and it's BEAUTIFUL! You got the whole view of Manhattan behind you, Lady Liberty on your right, and you're on a mother effing BOAT!"