Old footage of New York City is wonderful, but it often lacks sound, which is such a big part of living in the city. There are plenty of videos out there showing crowded black & white street scenes from 20th century NYC, but it typically lacks the audio that makes it all more tangible. This 6-minute gem, however, has it all.

Thanks to Guy Jones on YouTube, these street scenes—filmed between October 15th and 22nd, 1934—will transport you back to a Lower East Side you never knew. You'll see everything from a bustling street market, sidewalk fires, and brick apartment buildings being toppled (as part of the Housing Authority's "Slum Clearance" program).

Jones notes, "This cameraman used quick cuts and the reel is completely scattered like a puzzle. I tried to piece everything back together to fit where it should be. These scenes were taken with early Movietone sound cameras." The occasionally glitchy end result sort of zaps you through the scenes like a time traveler.

The last two minutes are silent, though Jones soundtracked it with era-appropriate music. Enjoy! Those storefronts are probably all bars and luxury apartments now. [via Reddit]