A several-foot-long black snake slithered onto a subway platform just feet from a seemingly unperturbed straphanger in a video shared on social media—a cling to normalcy on this fine Sunday afternoon! Nature is healing! New York is back! Move over Pizza Rat! Seriously, move over immediately or get eaten.

The undated video was sent to train operator Canella Gomez Sunday morning, Gomez told us.

It is not clear what station the video was taken from.

"I thought I have seen it all but this can't be real," the train operator said in a tweet.

Typically, we see subway riders taking apparent pet pythons on subway trips, like these two women casually carrying a giant snake on the L train, another just hanging out on the handrails, or this guy taking a pet snake OUT OF its perfectly secure carrier at 3 a.m. Seriously, people love their snakes on the trains.

This snake appeared to be an eastern rat snake, which used to be known as black rat snakes. The non-venomous species can reach seven feet long, and they also eat rodents.

The MTA was unable to find reports of a snake on a platform in recent days, said MTA spokesperson Aaron Donovan. We asked the NYPD if it had any information, and we'll update if we hear back.