Yesterday, Seth Meyers compared Donald Trump to a cranky toddler—and that was before he saw Trump's first televised interview as president, in which he turned his batshit crazy narcissism and conspiracy theorizing up to 11. Meyers attempted to disassemble all of Trump's many false claims from the interview in a segment last night, from the voter fraud lies to the border wall payment bullshit to his ongoing obsession with the inauguration crowd size. Just about everything Trump ranted about "continues to persist in what is either a lie or a delusion."

"In the end, if you were hoping Trump would use the ABC interview to offer a hopeful, unifying message for the country, you were probably disappointed," Meyers said. "Instead, he pulled the anchor aside to show him an inauguration photo and once again brag about his crowd size."

Jimmy Kimmel was equally fascinated by Trump's trainwreck of an interview, picking apart all the very nice things Trump had to say about himself.

Kimmel also took some of the audio from the interview and matched them up with video from the Justice League cartoon to hammer home how much Trump sounds like a supervillain.

And Trevor Noah over at the Daily Show was also horrified at Trump's demeanor in the interview, comparing him to Heath Ledger's Joker.