Last night Seth Meyers did a fine job breaking down the ongoing intrigue arising from House Intel Committee chairman Devin Nunes's handling of the investigation into allegations of collusion between Russian officials and the Trump campaign.

"Hanging over everything Trump does is the ongoing Russia investigation, and in the House, the investigation is led by the Republican chairman of the intelligence committee, Devin Nunes," Meyers said, "who has basically done everything he can to delay or interfere with his own investigation, raising the question of whether he is investigating Trump, or working for Trump."

As for the latest revelation that two White House officials leaked info to Nunes that he then relayed to Trump, Meyers said, "That means Nunes went to the White House to brief Trump from information he got from the White House. It's like when you send yourself an email reminder and two minutes later go, 'Oh, a new email!'"

Stephen Colbert started out talking about Trump and Nunes as well, before pivoting to Mike Pence and his very strange rules about dining with women. "Let's take a break from Trump for a moment, can we do that?" he said. "Let's talk about someone who has no power in Washington: Mike Pence."

Why does Pence reportedly never allow himself to eat alone with any woman who isn't his wife, or attend events featuring alcohol without her? "One Amstel Light, and he's dry humping the bread basket. Oh there's snow on the roof, but there's a fire in the furnace," Colbert said. "He is so naughty, if you left him alone with a bottle of whiskey, he might try to have sex with it. And Jim Beam and Jack Daniels are both dudes, and he's not into that scene, alright? He has to pray away the Mount Gay."