Seth Meyers returned from winter break last night and dived right back into Donald Trump's morass. And so far in the new year, Trump has pretty much stayed the course in regards to his predilection for tweeting about inane things: "Trump has continued his habit of tweeting obsessively about some of the least important things you could possibly imagine, like the ratings for the all-new Celebrity Apprentice," Meyers said.

Meyers talks about how Trump's focus on being "the Ernest Hemingway of Twitter" (Note: "if Ernest Hemingway heard you say that, he would kill himself again") has pushed important topics like Russian interference in the election and the lack of vetting his cabinet picks into the background. But like a monkey at the state fair, he is VERY good at typing!

Meyers also had Van Jones on to discuss former Obama voters he encountered who had turned to Trump during this election.