It feels like a lifetime, but we've now reached the end of the third week of Trump's presidency. And the amount of huge and ridiculous scandals—from Trump's national security adviser talking US sanctions with Russian officials to Trump's spokeswoman shilling for his daughter's brand in front of the presidential seal—keep adding up.

Seth Meyers tried to hit as many of this week's scandals as he could, to paint a picture of how Trump has been abusing his presidential powers, lying about facts, and then blaming everything on the media. "Trump hasn't just used his presidential powers to threaten private companies and state lawmakers: he's also used his office to attack the free press by repeatedly claiming there's a conspiracy in the media to cover things up, like what he claims is the historically high crime rate," Meyers said before playing a clip of Trump lying about the crime rate. "You know, it's easy to surprise people if you just make shit up." Watch as Meyers turns to alcohol to deal with Trump.

Stephen Colbert followed a similar thread, tackled Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch's statements on Trump's anti-judicial comments, Trump's less-than-stellar military record, and his predilection for calling adviser's at 3 a.m.: "That must have been annoying, but still better than a 3 a.m. text from Trump that says, 'U up?'" Watch as Colbert receives his own call from Trump, who is very confused about this whole government thing.

Colbert also coined the term "FlakeNews" and covered Conway's "free commercial" for Ivanka's brand: "You can trust Kellyanne Conway's fashion advice—most high school marching bands already do."