"Between Trump's press conference and his event in Florida, Trump has made a series of wild and unhinged appearances over the last few days. But there has been one common theme," Seth Meyers said during his latest "A Closer Look" segment last night. "The president of the United States just wants a friend. You know, someone he can force to eat meatloaf."

Watch below as Meyers dives into Trump's latest shenanigans, including force-feeding Chris Christie meatloaf (after making him swallow his pride), trying to find someone to accept the position of National Security Advisor amidst massive dysfunction in his administration, his continued tirades against the media ("When you have to double-clutch on your authoritarian declarations, you sound less like a terrifying dictator and more like the guy at the bonfire who can almost play guitar") and of course, the Swedish incident: "It turns out what Trump was referring to was not a terror attack in Sweden, but a segment he saw the night before on Fox News about refugees in Sweden," Meyers said. "So Trump literally saw something on Fox News and confused it for reality."

"That's how bad things have gotten under Trump: we're getting roasted by Swedes now. The Swedish Chef is like, 'Dude, even I don't understand a word you're saying.'"

"Tragically, Sweden is the third not-a-terrorist attack that has not shocked the world last month," Stephen Colbert said regarding the Swedish flub. "First, there wasn't the Bowling Green Massacre. Then, no one was lost in Atlanta. And now, It's not Sweden's turn. When will it begin?!" In response to former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, who tweeted about Trump's comments, "Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking?", Colbert offered his own theory on Trump's current drug of choice: "Uh...Vladimir Putin's dick?"

The real problem is that Trump doesn't pay attention in intelligence briefings but does watch an ungodly amount of Fox News: "Clearly Trump believes everything he sees on TV is real, which would explain his next tweet: 'America is a disaster! Our girls are broke! Our dead are walking! The pope's too young! It's a scandal! #shameless,'" Colbert said.

And in the other half of his monologue, Colbert also picked up on Trump's anti-media tweetstorm, and offered sympathy to an unlikely group: "You know who I feel bad for? ISIS. They try so hard, sorry ISIS. If you want to get on the list [of enemies of the American people] you gotta publish photos of Trump's inauguration crowd, then he'll be really angry at you." Watch below as Colbert calls Trump a bite-sized dictator, a.k.a. "a dictator tot."