With Donald Trump's second week as president coming to a close with a well-deserved vacation, Seth Meyers decided to offer a progress report on how Trump has been doing. Considering how mundane things have been, we can't imagine he had much to talk about.

"We're less than two weeks into Trump's presidency, and yet somehow it already feels like it's been two years," Meyers said. "The first two weeks of the administration have brought into focus the duality of the Trump presidency, and the difficulty the press has in deciding what to cover." He goes on to cover both the constitutional crises, like the fight over the immigration and refugee travel band, and the mundane weirdness, like thinking Frederick Douglass might be alive. "Who among us wouldn’t panic if asked to recite stuff we learned in high school," Meyers said.

After revisiting the Muslim ban controversy, Meyers showed a bunch of clips of Trump and his various surrogates referring to it as a ban, even as spokesperson Sean Spicer has denied it is a "ban." "Yeah, where could the lying, dishonest media possibly get the idea that this is a ban?" Meyers asked. "That's a classic case of gotcha journalism, in that they gotcha on camera saying 'ban' like a million times."