While Jon Stewart being delightful on Late Show with Stephen Colbert has been dominating the morning roundups, there was plenty of other good material on late night television Monday. Seth Meyers gave a preview of Trump's congressional address tonight, touching on Trump rambling on about the Lincoln Tunnel, his vague healthcare plans, media leaks, Trump's slow transformation into Tarzan ("Melania wife. Where Melania? Trump sad.") and the fact that Stephen Miller is basically Squidward.

After showing one clip of Trump ranting about the media and one story in particular which cited nine sources, Meyers gave Steve Bannon a much-deserved shoutout in Trump voice: "He’s so sure it’s not nine people. 'There can’t be nine sources because we haven’t even hired nine people yet. The only people who work at the White House are me, Spicey, Kellyanne, Frederick Douglass, and that guy [Bannon] who’s always telling me to shut my fucking mouth. He’s a bad dude, he scares me, that guy.'"

Colbert also picked up on Trump's anger over anonymous sources, indulging his request to the media to stop citing them and "say it to my face." Colbert smooshed his face into the camera for effect and did just that: "You Donald Trump are a horrible, horrible human being. Horrible."

He also took Cartoon Trump out of the digital cupboard to get to the heart of the reason why Trump is so terrified to attend the White House Correspondent's Dinner.

Over at The Daily Show, Trevor Noah also found Trump's attacks on the media to be inescapable. "Wow, 'the enemy of the people?' Now aside from that being a catchphrase made famous by Comrade Mustache over here [Stalin], it's patently untrue. The media is a vital part of any functioning Democracy." Of course, as he then discovered, the entire newspaper is sometimes rage-inducing, but the media is still important!

If you're looking for something a bit different, Jimmy Kimmel offered his perspective on what happened at the end of the Oscars broadcast on Sunday.

And over on Conan, O'Brien shared a personal story about Bill Paxton.