Seth Meyers may have found the humor in Trump's Pissghazi crisis, but he was much more concerned about the way Trump handled his first press conference as President-elect this week. "Trump's hostility toward the press is the kind of thing you usually see in authoritarian regimes," Meyers said. "In fact, in an especially creepy move, Trump stocked the press conference with employees who laughed at his jokes and shouted out supportive answers to his rhetorical questions." (While also turning away some reporters, because there was, supposedly, "at capacity.")

This wasn't the only aspect that Meyers found creepy: there was also his "plan" to resolve his conflicts of interest via a massive pile of blank documents ("Even if you were doing a middle school play, you'd write something on the folders to make it look real!") reporters were not even allowed to look through. "The reason why this is so troubling is because having a president with such a massive and opaque business empire is an open invitation to unconstitutional bribes or other types of financial coercion," he added. But hey, at least "You are fake news" might make it into the lexicon as a sassy comeback or the new "Bye, Felicia."

After one clip regarding the Trump dossier, Meyers noted, "That's the President-elect joking about how he couldn't have been in a room where Russian prostitutes were urinating on each other because he's a germaphobe, just for a 'where we're at as a nation,'" he said. "Also, and I know it's a waste of time to keep pointing this stuff out, but in a 2015 Hollywood Reporter article, Trump said, 'I'm not germaphobic.' But whatever, up is down, black is white, we should just all admit we're living in the Upside Down with Barb."