Donald Trump's first days as commander-in-chief have been marked by brazen lying, unfounded conspiracy theories, and numerous disturbing White House leaks about how he's difficult to control and prone to watching lots of TV when he's bored. Seth Meyers could relate to this: "I hear you, I deal with the same issue with my son," he said. "He's nine months old, and we're trying to observe a no-screens rule, but sometimes he gets cranky and the only thing that works is Dora the Explorer. So, been there."

The parallels between Trump and toddlers doesn't end there. Trump has only been in office for five days, and already he feels "demoralized" by the public perception of him: "It seems like most of that time has been spent signing giant documents and then showing people that you signed them," Meyers joked. "It's like how you read a book to kids."

And then there's Trump's refusal to focus on the job at hand: "Just let that sink in: the president's aides had to urge him to 'focus on the responsibilities of his office.' What's it going to be like in an actual crisis? 'Mr. President, North Korea has fired a nuke,'" Meyers said, launching into his Trump impression. "'Hold on, Dora and Boots are helping a baby fish find its mother. So there's a lot going on.'"

Watch as Meyers takes a closer look at all this, plus Trump's untrustworthiness on anything policy-related and his inability to "enjoy" his time at the White House.