It seems that many in the media did not take Jon Stewart's words of wisdom to heart the other night. After Trump gave THE MOST PRESIDENTIALIST SPEECH IN THE HISTORY OF PIVOTS OF ALL TIME on Tuesday, pundits crawled over each other to declare Trump "became the president of the United States," as if the inauguration and subsequent month of terrifying governmental incompetence didn't occur. "I bet there are some Muslims and undocumented immigrants that would tell you he became president back in fucking January," Seth Meyers said in response last night.

"As we know, Trump has spent the past year and a half lowering the bar when it comes to public speaking," Meyers said as he dove into Trump's speech. "So the fact that Trump managed to sustain a muted tone, that, for any other politician would be considered unremarkable and even a little boring, was itself seen as a huge victory last night."

"Seriously, do you have amnesia?" he continued. "Did you forget all the other times you've said the exact same thing?" After showing some clips of the media congratulating Trump for a similar pivot last year, Meyers quipped, "And maybe Lucy really will let me kick the football this time." Watch below as Meyers dissects how Trump offers the same empty solutions and unsubstantial rhetoric, and the media continues to eat it up: "Let's not get fooled again. We've been here with Trump before."

Over on Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Colbert summed up Trump's true pivot succinctly: "Yes, he shifted from unhinged narcissist to hinged narcissist. Here's the thing: Trump may have changed his tone, but that didn't change the content with what he know who also said troubling things in a calm voice? Hannibal Lecter."

Colbert also turned back to his in-house fake news network, Real News Tonight, for the most positive spin on the speech.

And in a masterful sketch, Colbert teamed up with guest Patrick Stewart to stage a production of the classic Waiting For Godot’s Obamacare Replacement .