After ranting about it earlier this week, Donald Trump announced on Twitter this morning that he wants an investigation into the "voter fraud" which he claims cost him the popular vote, despite there being no evidence of it and experts calling bullshit on the claims (he should ask advisor Steve Bannon about what it's like to be registered to vote in two places, if he really wants to learn about fraud).

Like most of us, Seth Meyers can't quite wrap his head around why Trump continues to pursue this issue: "Hey, why do you keep lying about this?" he asked. "There is zero evidence for this claim. Also, why would you say 3-5 million people? We already know from the inauguration you have no idea what a million people look like."

"Hey, you won the election, what are you complaining about?" Meyers continued. "You're like a guy who wins the Super Bowl and spends the post-game interview complaining about a pass interference call in the first quarter. Winners don't complain about the final score, you know who does? Degenerate gamblers. But I guess if you knew anything about gamblers, your casinos would still be open."

CNN's Jake Trapper also has had it with Trump's erroneous claims, and set his attitude to extremely sassy for his report on the fraud claims:

If you want to know just how rare and difficult voter fraud is, we refer you to John Oliver's segment on it from last year.

If you need a chaser for this Trump shot, Meyers also went day drinking with the always delightful Retta: