Yesterday, FBI director James Comey confirmed that the FBI is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and any possible links between the Trump administration and Russia. "That is a huge, huge deal," Seth Meyers said last night, "and yet, only 60 days into this administration, you hear that and you’re like, meh. At this point, Melania would have to take Trump on a high-speed chase in a Ford Bronco for us to say, 'This is unexpected! This is a twist I didn’t see coming!'"

"Even crazier, while the hearing was still happening, Trump tweeted—Trump tweeted from the president’s official account!—'The NSA and FBI tell Congress that Russia did not influence electoral process,'" Meyers recounted. But that's wrong, they didn't say that. So later, in the same hearing, Comey was asked to fact check Trump's tweet about that hearing—tweets he didn't know about, because he had been at that hearing...Witnesses in a hearing are now fact checking the President’s tweets about the hearing during the hearing."

"All of this, of course, raises the question once again of where the president gets his information, because we are now at the point where the crazy things the president says are making their way into the halls of Congress, and wasting the time of allies, intelligence officials, and the FBI director," Meyers said before jumping to a clip of Trump explaining how he loves to read without being able to name a single book that he has read.

Watch all that below, plus Meyers figuring out that Hillary Clinton has a revenge list like Arya Stark that includes the names, "James Comey, WikiLeaks, The Hound, Anthony Weiner."

Trevor Noah at The Daily Show was also dumbfounded by Trump's Twitter lies during the hearing: "Trump is so gangster. He lied on Twitter during a hearing about him lying on Twitter. He was live lying the hearing."