"The last 24 hours in politics have been truly mind-boggling. You've got the president doubling down on his false wiretapping claim, Republicans scrambling to cobble together a healthcare bill before anyone even knows what's in it, and new reports that Trump associates may have coordinated with Russia," Seth Meyers said last night as he set the stage for his latest installment of "A Closer Look." "If you feel overwhelmed by the constant drumbeat of scandal with this administration, you're not alone: just check out Senator John McCain's face...congratulations Senator. You may not know what an emoji is, but you just became one."

The bulk of the segment was dedicated to the Republicans' struggle to ram Trumpcare (or is it Ryancare?) down the nation's throat, and the many last-minute changes to the bill made to appease hard-line conservatives. "So, Republicans are radically reshaping one-fifth of the economy in a matter of hours, behind closed doors, with no public input,” Meyers said. “That is insane, cruel and reckless."

And in another segment, Meyers chided Trump for inadvertently quoting an SNL bit in his Time Magazine interview yesterday: "I didn’t mind when you talked dirty with Billy Bush, or told Russia to hack Hillary’s emails. But when you start stealing bits from ‘Weekend Update’ anchors, it is on!" He added: "You know I hate to say this, but, 'Donald, you ignorant slut!'"