"For some, the weekend is a time to rest, relax, spend time with family," Seth Meyers said as he started his latest segment of "A Closer Look" to examine all the disharmonious Donald Trump weekend news updates. "But for the Trump administration, it's a time for making up fake tragedies and openly trying to blame the court system for future terror attacks."

Between the continuing legal battle over the immigration and refugee ban, Trump's comments about Putin and America's innocence (or lack thereof), and the Bowling Green Massacre that never was ("Like the Titanic crashing into the Hindenburg, or when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by a unicorn"), Meyers had plenty of things to say about the administration's sloppy lies and half-truths. "Even when they're lying, they're distracting us from other, worse lies," he noted. "That's like telling people you have a girlfriend in Canada when actually you have a dead body in the basement."

Watch below as he learns that we've had the sane version of Trump so far ("What does the insane version do, ban all people named Zach?"), dives into golf hypocrisy, and dismisses pro-Trump rallies in Midtown: "Fifty to one hundred people is not a rally. It's a Times Square corner. It's the line to get into Dave & Busters."