We were going to revisit New York City in 1969 (possibly the upcoming year for, at least some of, the final season of Mad Men) through footage from the year covering everything from the the Stonewall Riots to the Rolling Stones at MSG. But then we found this 7-minute video of The Motions, one of the bigger bands to come out of the 1960s Dutch Beat Explosion that you probably didn't know existed.

The band, who hailed from The Hague, had actually opened for the Stones years earlier on their home turf... and event that resulted in riot. This 1964 concert was the Stones' first in the Netherlands and it didn't even last 30 minutes. According to this recollection: "The building (Kurhaus) was demolished, chairs were flying around. Girls underwear, as Keith said, was hanging in the chandeliers. It was really a night to remember."