Last week a reader sent us a photo of a Second Avenue Subway sandhog singing Frank Sinatra hits during his lunch break. Now video of his act has surfaced, and we defy you not to love this guy. His name is Gary Russo from Queens, and the sign behind him explains, "Forget all the noise, traffic and the impact of the 2nd Ave. Subway. Enjoy the music." After singing a surprisingly transporting rendition of Sinatra's "Summer Wind," Russo explains why he's out there:

"We're trying to give back a little bit, you know know? Lunchtime," Russo says with a smile to the camera. And in an interview with the Post, he adds, "We've infected this neighborhood with noise. I'd be up in arms, too." To make up for the cacophony, Russo lugs his karaoke equipment all the way from Queens each day, and spends his 30 minute lunch break singing for the neighborhood. David Fischer, the YouTube user who shot the video, says, "He puts everyone in a good mood. This 80-year-old guy just grabbed this, like, 25-year-old girl and started dancing with her."