When we interviewed Lena Dunham earlier this year in anticipation of her new series Girls premiering on HBO, we discussed how her main love interest on the show, Adam, seems like a nightmare for women. At the time, Dunham told us, "I think Hannah thinks she can tame the nightmare and marry the nightmare. She does not understand that it's a phase we must all pass through but in fact thinks, 'What if I were to tame the untamable beast?'" And lo and behold, by the time the season ended she was in the midst of breaking Adam's heart. So what's in store for season two?

Will Adam be tossed aside forever by the whims of the wayward twenty-something? Will there be man tears? Will man tears become a thing reported on by the NY Times? Will someone's rent be provided for by their parents? Will the thoughts and feelings of millennials be explored and bared to us, the viewer, in neat and well-soundtracked 23-minute packages? Will there be Uggs? Who knows, but the first trailer for season two was released, and what we do know is that there WILL be more of Jorma Taccone, which hopefully means more of the hottest 25 seconds on television. Only 45 more days, you guys!