Video by Jessica Leibowitz

While some might consider the heyday of records to be dead and gone, New York City's audiophiles still love listening on vinyl.

Record store owners see LPs and 45s come and go by the dozen every day—but what are the records that make them stop and take notice? From ultra-rare '60s psychedelic rock to modern, modestly-priced reissues, we found out which records hold a special place in shopkeepers' hearts.

There were plenty of surprises, like the awesome 20-member '70s group Funk Factory, a favorite of Bed-Stuy shopkeeper Israel Ben Yahuda. Over at Williamsburg's Human Head, we caught a glimpse of the rare reggae-gospel song "Unless the Lord Builds The House," preserved on a mint-condition 45 disc.

The world of vinyl records, old and new, is practically infinite. If you're looking for a few places that will help bolster your own collection, here are our suggestions.