It's commonly believed that SantaCon was born in the asbestos-ridden basement of a Murray Hill bar eleven months after a group of finance industry Satanists artificially inseminated a wild boar with serial killer semen. But the origins of the annual holiday flashmob are not quite as romantic as that. Watch and learn:

Alex Estrada, one of the creators of this enlightening video, explains, "We were inspired by the reaction of SantaCon's creators, who started the convention as a protest against Christmas commercialism. We imagined that they never stopped to think about what might happen if you encourage a bunch of people to dress up as a beloved children's character and get drunk and public. So we took that to an absurd place and came up with this."

SantaCon 2015 takes place this Saturday, beginning in Greenpoint's McCarren Park at 10 a.m. Participants will then wend their way through Williamsburg to the Lower East Side and the East Village, finally concluding the day's activities at Cooper Union with a lively symposium on "Determinism Vs. Free Will in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Global Warming, and State-Sponsored Terrorism." (Drugstore handjobs to follow.)