What happens when thousands of inebriated bros from Long Island flood the city wearing Santa costumes on the same day that thousands of activists are marching in the streets to demand social justice? Filmmaker Jeff Seal spent Saturday pivoting between the two events, and if you know anything about SantaCon, Seal's stirring al-Qaeda recruitment video will not shock you:

Tragically, the political demonstration delayed the arrival of some Santas, but ultimately it couldn't stop them. NOTHING CAN. "One of our friends almost couldn't even get here because of the protest, but she finally made it," one annoyed Santa said. Another wonders, "Do the people marching know what they're marching for?"

Seal adds that when he saw Santas get caught in the march "it was like matter and anti-matter meeting—they were basically the exact opposite of each other."

This will be our last SantaCon post of 2014. (Shut up, we're serious!) For more on SantaCon, please read Lauren Evans's brave report from the front lines.