Samantha Bee hasn't been on air since the very busy weekend in Washington, so she jumped right into the inauguration and the machinations of our idiot president last night on Full Frontal. "Friday, the world watched America swear in, as its 45th president, the concept of white-male mediocrity," she started. "Oh yeah, it really happened—Donald Trump laid his little pussy-grabbing paw on top of two more books than he's ever read in his life and spoke the most solemn vow he's uttered since his third wedding."

Calling the inauguration a surreal and terrifying affair, she had some particularly harsh words for "Goldman Sachs Wormtongue" Steve Bannon, who has been filling Trump's mouth "with more Nazi code than Enigma. Are you the only 70-year-old man in America who doesn't watch The History Channel?"

"President Trump delivered his pet frog’s ‘Morning in Dystopia’ speech to a mall that had more empty white space than the Republican plan to replace Obamacare," she added. At least the pre-inauguration concert was “surreal and fucking hilarious...Trump’s concert was like his cabinet. Male, overwhelmingly white, and devoid of any A-list talent." Watch it below.

In the next segment, Bee moved onto Trump's post-inauguration bout of presidential insanity, complaining about crowd sizes and how the Women's Marchers hurt his feelings. She then turned things over to Milk, featuring the GW Sirens and Capital Blend, singing a protest song.

And in the other major segment, Bee sent correspondents to the inauguration to create a Werner Herzog-esque documentary about the lukewarm festivities.