Samantha Bee returned to TV last night after Full Frontal had a few weeks off, and she picked a hell of a day to do so. Because a majority of her staff was out for the A Day Without Woman protest, she was stuck doing basketball jokes for her four remaining male staff members.

But after that, she got back to what she does best: keeping track of the latest moves of "America's one man white supremacist employment program." Among other things, she focused on Trump's conspiracy theory tweetstorm about Obama wiretapping him, which she argued was the equivalent of shooting “himself in the d---."

"To be fair, there’s a good chance Trump fell asleep watching news, rolled over on the remote, and woke up during The Wire. Mr. President, that’s not Barack Obama. I mean, I get why you’d think Obama would ‘tapp’ your phone, just look at how angry he is and obsessed with you," she continued, pointing to Obama’s magical vacation photos. "He can barely stay up on that surfboard from all the rage and hatred for your administration."

In another segment, she tried to shame Scott Walker into being a better governor in her newest bit, Governor Scott Walker Has A Horrifying Relationship With Food: A Full Frontal Insta-Vestigation.

At the end of the episode, she took a moment to rip apart the Republican's Obamacare Lite bill, which she said ranked somewhere "between Cosby and O'Reilly" in terms of terrible bills: "After seven years of procrastination, the Republican House pounded some Red Bull and pulled an all-nighter to get their Trumpcare assignment in—and it showed."