On Full Frontal this week, Samantha Bee took stock of Democratic in-fighting over what went wrong with the election, focusing on the backlash against "identity politics." And she tries to differentiate between "loser Stockholm syndrome" and taking talking points from Fox News dummies. "Identity politics is the dismissive term for what we used to call 'civil rights' and 'equality,'" Bee said, before dismantling Republican arguments that Hillary Clinton didn't talk about the economy and new jobs.

"Democrats, I know you're having a rough time," she said toward the end of the segment. "You hate being lost in the wilderness. You have allergies, and you were reading a book in the corner when your scout leader taught everyone which leaves to avoid. But if your panic over a loss makes you abandon both your principles and the people who actually vote for you, then you'll be in the wilderness for a decade, or until Trump's cabinet sells the wilderness to oil companies, so really, about a month."

She took a break from the "nonstop shit-geyser of presidential news" to do a segment on the equally shitty Ohio "heartbeat bill," which would ban any abortions in that state once a fetus's heartbeat was heard, which can happen as early as six weeks. "Six weeks? What the hell Ohio? At six weeks, most women won't know they're pregnant—especially now, since every time we wake up and realize Trump is president, we all have morning sickness."

And in another segment, correspondent Ashley Nicole Black went full-Mr. Robot with a piece on Russian hacking.