Samantha Bee has emerged as one of the best voices of clarity during the election cycle, and she made one last impassioned pitch on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton last night, taking a deep dive into how America has caused her to become aloof over a lifetime of public service. Bee recounts the exact moment Clinton learned her "Resting Fuck The Press Face," the many times she was let down by her husband (a "hillbilly" with a "wandering dick"), and the compromises of her own political ambitions and beliefs that have now made her less likable, to a certain portion of the population, than a "vindictive pussy-grabbing hate-Zamboni who jokes about killing his enemies."

"Hillary Clinton has spent the past 40 years learning to mask her authenticity, ever since the so-called 'Natural State' couldn't accept a normal human woman in her natural state, with her own name and her brown hair and identity independent from the dude she was boning," Bee says in the clip below. "Don't expect Grandma to pivot on a dime now that authenticity is suddenly cool. Look, if you can't bring yourself to vote for Hillary Clinton, I get it. I'm not voting for Hillary Clinton either. I'm voting for Hillary Goddamn Brilliant Badass Queen Beyoncé Rodham. I have a hunch she's still in there."

Bee also enlisted new intern Sarah Paulson to do a dramatic reading of Clinton's "most batshit boring emails."